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Available Services

Instructional Design

Instructional Design services include course planning, Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultation, and written and/or video course creation in any subject designated by SME.

Content Writing

Written content can be commissioned for a variety of subjects, styles, and needs. These can range from academic research papers to works of fiction. Formal research content will be written and cited in MLA format.

Video Editing

Video Project services consist of the organization, and editing of existing visual, and audio materials. Videos will be created, and enhanced with the use of client owned footage, music, and images. Additional royalty free content can be added to enhance the overall video experience.

Content Editing

Pre-written content can be submitted for syntax and grammatical review. Clients will receive a full and detailed break down of edit suggestions to apply to their work.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design services can be commission for a variety of image requests. This includes logos, animal portraits, human portraits, hybrid creatures, fantasy creatures, and video game inspired commissions.

Open Commissions

Open Commissions are welcome! Making dreams come true is our passion, and we are willing to consider unique project ideas submitted by potential clients that fall under a similar umbrella to the other provided services. These can be discussed in detail.


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